Master of Arts in Learning, Performance, and Technology


(Description taken from University of St.Thomas)

The Master of Arts in Learning, Performance and Technology (MALPT) is a cohort‐based, interdisciplinary program that seeks to prepare learning, development (L&D) and change professionals to lead and facilitate the learning function of an organization and to leverage learning resources to strategically enhance organizational performance. 

The M.A. program promotes a community of practice for learning and development professionals to continue a professional development plan that expands and strengthens their competencies. 

As a student in the MALPT program, you will: 
• Lead and facilitate innovative learning solutions for organization needs 
• Understand adult learning and development in the workplace and how to leverage it for performance 
• Be able to design face-‐to-‐face, blended learning and online learning for a variety of purposes, using appropriate technologies 
• Be capable of assessing system learning and change needs and designing appropriate learning/change programs

The Masters program comprises of 33 credits (each course is 3 credits). There are 7 core courses and 4 elective courses, one of which can be a choice from a list of 5. As mentioned in the E-Learning certificate section, I am specializing in E-Learning as part of the Masters. For easier reference, I will re-list those courses first, followed by other courses I have taken thus far (expected completion spring 2017).

E-Learning Specialization courses


Additional courses taken for Masters