Graduate Course Work

As someone who pursues a career in the field of education, it is important to track your learning journey. The use of a portfolio can showcase this learning process. Other sub-pages of this portfolio site have touched on various activities and artifacts that I have completed so far through undergraduate and graduate coursework. This area will attempt to go deeper, and review the courses that I have taken so far in completion of my first masters degree (Master of Arts in Teaching), 2 graduate certificates (Learning Technology and E-Learning) and my current work in completing a second masters degree (Master of Arts in Learning, Performance, and Technology).

In regards to navigation, there will be two master pages that will focus on coursework for the MAT and coursework for the MALPT. There will also be two pages that outline the two certificates. Note that some of the coursework for the Learning Technology certificate was applied to the MAT and all of the coursework for the E-learning certificate will be applied the MALPT (as a minor focus of study). Click on the sub-menus in the Navigation bar to gain access to each degree focus.