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Adult Learning and Development
Design & Development of Digital Media
Design and Evaluation of Online and Blended learning
E-Learning Tools for Online Course Development
Integrating Technology into Teaching and Lifelong Learning
Intro to Learning Technologies
Leading/ Facilitating Virtual Teams/ Communication
Learning System Design & Delivery (Instructional Design)
Learning System Project Management & Evaluation
Music Technology Tools
Performance Improvement, Assessment, and Knowledge Management
Principals of Education Research
Psychology of Teaching & Learning
Strategic application of Learning Technology
Survey of Exceptionalism
Technology for Learning, Development & Change
Website / Education software evaluation
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-Apple OSX
-Microsoft Windows
-Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Power Point) for Windows and for Mac -Apple I-life (ITunes, IPhoto, IMovie, IDvd, IWeb, Garage Band)
-Captivate (7 & 8)
-Storyline (2)
-Hype (Html 5)
-Music based software (Smart Music, Finale, Band-in-a-Box, Logic Pro, Mainstage, and various DAW software, various software instruments) Google Apps for Education

-Mac platform (laptop & Mac mini)
-Windows platform (desktop & laptop)
-IPad, IPod
-External media storage (various)
-Smart Podium
-Remote clickers
-Digital video cameras, digital slr cameras
-Various audio recorders (flash based, Cd based, Digital Audio Tape based, multi-track)
-Printers, scanners, copiers
-Projection devices
-Various A/V configurations (using RCA, component, composite, hdmi, amplification)
-Music workstations (keyboard controllers, mixers, etc.)
-Audio amplification systems (cart based for class instruction to full musical performance with microphones and mixing)

-Various browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Chrome)
-D2L (Brightsapce)
-CourseSites by Blackboard
-Scorm Cloud
-Google Sites
-Voice Thread
-Teacher Tube
-Various Web 2.0 tools/ apps.